Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Natural Treatment for Acid Reflux

Natural Treatment for Acid Reflux

Finding a natural treatment for acid reflux is what many sufferers are looking for. They are tired of being prescribed medications to fix their problem and not want to work to heal their self with a holistic remedy. Finding a homeopathic remedy that works for you can take a little bit of time. You need to carefully examine what will work best with your reflux disorder.

Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine is simply medicine that you do not need a prescription for. Usually it is simply things that you can get from a grocery store or your local herbal market. Diet can also be considered an alternative approach to dealing with the acids that result in reflux.

Symptoms to Look For

The symptoms for acid reflux are varied and can also be related to other conditions. Chronic back pain, sinus aches, heartburn, nausea, anxiety, esophagus burning, or even hernia can all be related to acid reflux disorder. Once you have visited with your doctor and discussed your available options it is important to revisit or call them anytime you decide to try a new natural remedy. Many herbs can have side effects or interactions with prescription medications so staying in close contact with your physician is necessary.

The Number One Natural Remedy

Changing your diet and activity level is the number one natural remedy for acid reflux disorder. You can make small changes over time to gradually increase your comfort level and decrease the occurrences of reflux that you have to deal with. Some of the things that you should cut out of your diet include: carbonated beverages, coffee, caffeine, fatty foods, alcohol, and complex carbohydrates.

If all of those foods are too much for you to cut out of your diet right away, you can start small by only cutting out one of the types of foods first. Combine this with daily walking or other exercise and you will start to see a difference in the amount of reflux that you are experiencing.

Your body is very acidic naturally so it is important to fight that natural tendency with proper diet and exercise. Many digestive problems that individuals are encountering today are really just a symptom of bad eating and living habits.

If you are suffering from reflux, it is worth a try to change your diet and exercise routine and see if that helps with your symptoms. Most individuals will notice significant improvement and sometimes a total decline in their reflux. If you are already taking prescription medication for your reflux, start changing your diet and see if you have less occurrences. Then discuss your healthy living results with your doctor to determine if it is possible for you to stop taking your medications. If you have already made the necessary diet changes, your doctor may be apt to let you try your natural diet treatment instead of continuing your current medications.


  1. Finally, I get update about natural treatment for acid reflux. Herbal is an alternative medicine with fewer side effects. thank you for writing this post, very useful.

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