Sunday, December 4, 2011

List of Foods to Avoid With Acid Reflux

List of Foods to Avoid With Acid Reflux

There are some foods which can trigger or can contribute to acid reflux condition. So, following are some of the foods to avoid with acid reflux disease.

Fatty and Fried Food
When we eat fatty food the digestion becomes very slow and the food remains inside our stomach for a prolonged period of time. This increases the pressure inside the stomach which forces the food to enter the food pipe and hence result in acid reflux.
Spicy Food
Pepper, chili and other spices can contribute to the heartburn causes. Some people may have problem with ginger, garlic and onion also. So, better to avoid such food or minimizes its intake.

Citrus Fruits
The fruits containing citrus acid adds to the problem of acid reflux. Orange, tomato, grapes and cranberry are some of the fruits which have high citrus content. Some fruits make the lower esophageal opening over relaxed and this results in the back flow of acid to the food pipe.

Some people are crazy about chocolates, so let me tell you one thing, this can also add to your acid reflux problems. Chocolates have theobromine content which occurs naturally in the coffee, tea plant and cocoa. This content relaxes the lower part of the esophagus known as sphincter muscle which further allows the acid to flow back to the food pipe. So, better add this to the list of foods to avoid with acid reflux in children. If they are really crazy about chocolates then go for a dark or organic chocolate but limit the consumption.

Alcohol Consumption
Any type of alcohol consumption can lead to acid reflux. These slow down the digestion process and relax the esophageal opening and hence result in the acid reflux. Smoking can also be one of the factor responsible for acid reflux.

In hotels and even at home, many people have the habit of eating peppermint after the food. It can be good as a mouth freshener but is harmful if you are prone to acid reflux. So avoid spearmint and peppermints as it triggers acid reflux conditions.

Avoid the intake of meat such as ground beef, chicken nuggets, buffalo wings, etc. as they can be a cause of acid reflux conditions which can further result in heartburn and other indigestion causes.

Dairy Products
It is advisable to avoid some of the dairy products such as sour cream, cheese, ice creams, yogurt, etc. Many people have the habit to drink milk in the night before going to sleep but drinking milk after a heavy or rich meal can add to your acid reflux problems. So drinking milk in the night should be avoided.

Some deserts like brownie, butter cookie, doughnut etc can add to your acid reflux problems.

Other Foods
Other foods that can cause acid reflux are high-carbohydrate foods like bread, macaroni and spaghetti, potato and corn chips and fast foods items like burgers, etc. You should also avoid red sauces to get rid of acid reflux.


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