Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tips on what to avoid and what to eat on your acid reflux diet

Tips on what to avoid and what to eat on your acid reflux diet
Acid Reflux Food To Avoid
Just as at home, eating certain foods in restaurants can trigger heartburn.
There are methods you can use to limit heartburn. These methods include food choices, knowing how the food is prepared, beverage selection, and portion sizes.

When you eat out, you need to inquire as to how different dishes are prepared. You can also ask that if the meat fried, if you can have it grilled instead. Many dishes include high-fat gravies and sauces. Asking for a low-fat substitute served on the side may be a good idea. And before ordering, it is important to ask yourself if the meal you want to order contains any foods that are your trigger foods. If you aren't sure what these foods are, keeping a food record can be a good way to find out what foods trigger your heartburn.

The following recommendations on what to avoid and what is better to eat will help you make smart choices that will allow you to have a heartburn-free dining experience.

Acid reflux food to avoid:

* Fried foods, such as burgers, fried chicken, fried fish.
* Sandwich melts
* Club sandwiches
* Foods prepared in butter or oil.
* High-fat side dishes, such as french fries.
* High-fat sauces, salad dressings, gravies, mayo.
* Creamy soups.
* Chili.
* Dishes with lots of citrus fruit.
* Peppers
* Onions.
* Foods with a lot of extra cheese.
* Tomato-based foods, including catsup.
* Citrus drinks such as orange juice and lemonade.
* Caffeninated beverages such as coffee, tea, iced tea and cola.
* Alcoholic beverages.
* Chocolate.

Your acid reflux food to eat:

* White meat.
* Lean cuts of meat.
* Sandwiches with turkey, chicken, or roast beef on whole grain bread.
* Grilled foods.
* Broth-based soups.
* Steamed vegetables.
* Baked potatoes topped with low fat salad dressing.
* Low-fat or no-fat salad dressings.
* Lighter desserts, such as angel food cake.

Acid Reflux Food To Avoid: Top-heartburn-acid-reflux-prevention.

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